Today we rolled out a large overhaul of  The goal of this update was to speed up the process of finding the products you need while also making everything easier to use.  Below is a list of some of the major changes made.


Customer Categories for Local Customers

Customers from the Kankakee area who we regularly deliver to can log in to their accounts to see a special category that includes all the items they purchase from us.  If you regularly order from, log in and look for the  icon above your category on the far right of the menu.  There you will find all of your items on a clear and simple to use page.  If you would like any items added/removed or just general changes to your category, feel free to contact us using the Contact Us Page, emailing us or by listing the changes you want in the Notes section during checkout.  

If you're a current local customer and don't currently have a custom page, you can request one using the above contact methods.


Improved Search

Searching for items is now a lot faster and smoother than before.  It now includes instant results that will show you products matching your search as you type.  We've also improved the accuracy of the search increasing the relavance of your search results.


Improved Navigation and Filtering

The ability to filter products quickly and efficiently while browsing for products is an important part of finding exactly what you need.  So we've improved the process by streamlining the navigation bar on the side of every category.  Now you can select multiple options to narrow down the selections that fit what you're looking for.  We've also cleaned up the way products are displayed to make the overall experience faster.


Enhanced Checkout

Checkout is now easier and faster than ever.  All the information you need is now on one page, including a complete list of everyting in your order with the ability to make changes to it on the fly.  



These are just some of the changes we've made and will continue to change on a regular basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at